Mitchell W. Palmer

Student | Political Technologist | Activist

I am passionate about economics, politics, and finance and the power of free markets to do good in the world.


Data Analyst and Software Developer — ACT New Zealand

April 2017 - Present (On hiatus from November 2017 to February 2018)

In my role in the ACT Party, New Zealand's only classical liberal party in Parliament, I work with web technologies and big data to connect the party with constituents and get insights about voters and voter behaviour. This role has included developing a new electronic electoral roll management system, creating election result analytics, and building bespoke digital campaigns, including the very successful Save Charter Schools campaign, often with tight turnaround times.

Parliamentary Member Support to David Seymour MP — New Zealand Parliament

November 2017 - February 2018

In this temporary role in David Seymour MP's constituency office in Epsom, I was responsible for the continuing modernization of electronic constituent relationship systems as well as other miscellaneous tasks, principally relating to constituent engagement.


Auckland Grammar School — CIE A-Levels and NZQA Scholarship

January 2015 - Present

At Auckland Grammar School, New Zealand's pre-eminient public boys school, I excel in both academic and extracurricular pursuits, as a Cooper-Connell Scholarship boarder in Tibbs House.

I currently study Advanced Subsidiary Level English, Maths, Physics, Economics and History with an eye to completing A Levels in Maths, Economics and History. In addition, I am studying toward Scholarship Economics and History.

In 2017, I was the first Grammar student ever to have achieved an NZQA Scholarship in Economics in Fifth Form (Year 11).

I am involved in Premier Advanced Debating, UN Youth, contemporary music and voluntary pursuits. I am the founder and leader of the Forum, a debate society modeled on the Oxford Union. In addition, I run the school's Economics Society, promoting extracurricular discussion of economics.

I am also involved in the Programming Group, tutoring those learning to code, while also participating in high-level international and domestic competitions, like the Australian Invitational Informatics Olympiad and the New Zealand Informatics Competition.

New Zealand Schools' Debating Council— Auckland Team Member

March 2018 - Present

As a reserve member of the Auckland regional representative team and a member of the Auckland development squad, I train in competitive debate with New Zealand representative debaters and other leading university debaters.

New Zealand Olympiad in Informatics — National Training Squad

March 2016 - Present

As a member of the NZOI National Training Squad, I have participated in many national and international informatics (applied computer science) olympiads, including the Australian Invitational Informatics Olympiad and the French-Australian Regional Informatics Olympiad and attended training camps on computer science and algorithm design, recieving lectures from leading academic computer scientists.


Referee — Auckland Rugby Referees Association

March 2016 - Present

I am a volunteer rugby union referee for the Auckland Rugby Union. This role includes officiating grades from Under 12s through to 4th Grade high school rugby and assistant refereeing a variety of games at various levels.

Founder and President — Auckland Grammar School Forum

October 2016 - Present

I founded and lead the Auckland Grammar School Forum, a political debate society modelled on the Oxford and Cambridge Unions. In this role, I work with staff at school and fellow student leaders to organise fortnightly political debates on relevant matters of the day. I also work with politicians, commentators and others to bring their experiences and views to members and vice versa.

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