Radical Reform

New Zealand's Path to 21st Century Prosperity | Mitchell W. Palmer

New Zealand is a prosperous country. By almost every (reasonable) metric, this is one of the greatest countries in the world to live in. But behind that outward success lies longlived societal challenges which have dogged governments for decades: A dysfunctional housing market, an unequal education system, anaemic productivity growth, and an unsustainable retirement system are a few of the more high-profile complaints. Fiddling around the edges won't be enough. Instead, we need a fundamental reimagining of many crucial sectors.

That is what this book (read: web draft of a book) attempts to architect. It provides a policy programme which attacks the root causes of those societal ills. I have actively modelled that programme on the highly-successful structural reforms of the Fourth Labour Government in New Zealand in the 1980s, those of Australian Labor during a similar period, and those of Margaret Thatcher's Conservative government, also in the 1980s. They are unashamedly liberal in origin and aim, before all else, to increase the freedom of individual New Zealanders to achieve their own ambitions.

This programme, I recognise, is probably supported, in its entirety, by no-one except me. What I hope, however, is that it can marginally shift the terms of policy debate in the broad direction of liberalisation and reform.

Note to Readers

This is a very preliminary draft of Radical Reform (which isn't even certain to be the final title). Please excuse any errors — spelling or grammatical especially, factual less so — as a result of haste. I would be very grateful for feedback, at mp (at) mitchellpalmer.nz

I would also like to make an apology in advance: As a result of its draft status, the handling of referencing within this web version of the book is less than ideal. Every parenthetically referenced work should also be cited in the bibliography, however links between the bibliography and the main body of the text do not currently work. My thanks to all whose work I have consulted and quoted from.

Mitchell Palmer

Mitchell W. Palmer

I am a high school student from Pukekohe, New Zealand. A boarder on scholarship at Auckland Grammar School, I am passionate about economics and public policy. I am currently the Student Representative on the Board of Trustees of my school and a casual staff member of the Parliamentary Service. However, the views expressed in this book are purely my own. They do not necesarily represent the views of my employer, my school, or any other person/organisation.

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